About the Journal

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The Journal Borneo is a journal with the focus and scope of publication of research results and reviews in science, technology, and health. The Borneo Journal was formed on the 1st Anniversary of the Politeknik Kaltara Tarakan on June 24, 2021. One of the standout features of The Journal Borneo is our commitment to ensuring the highest quality of articles through various means. Firstly, our three times yearly publication frequency ensures we have ample time to review and edit all articles carefully before publication. Additionally, we provide open access to all articles, allowing for greater accessibility and visibility for our authors. Furthermore, we offer a robust review process, where our team of experts provides valuable feedback to authors to enhance the quality and rigour of their research. Lastly, we provide copy editing services to ensure that all articles meet our rigorous standards for clarity and readability. With these features, The Journal Borneo is a top choice for researchers looking to share their work and make an impact in their field.